Barack Hussein Obama – Expediting Marxism in the United States

During the cold war of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Nikita Khrushchev helped consolidate power in the Soviet Union. Khrushchev made the call, roughly translated “We will bury you.” He referred to the plenary replacement of capitalism in the west by communism. There is a Marxist saying, “The proletariat is the undertaker of capitalism”. I leave it up to the reader to determine if the Soviets actually predicted the fall of capitalism, and perhaps had understanding of the evolution of political systems, or if their threats were merely party lines designed to insult the free world. However, “We will bury you” has become extremely significant with the election of president Obama.

President Obama has one goal which he has repeatedly stated and made very clear: Transform the United States from a free economy to one of top-down government control, with fairness regulation built into mandates that regulate the entire economy. Any citizens who are able to generate vast wealth will not skirt the system as the government will tax them greatly in order to  create the president’s “Level Playing Field.”

If you wholly reject these notions, that the free economy is the source of human tribulations; that the federal government must wrest as much control as possible to implement its ethereal notion of so-called “fairness”, then purchase a bumper sticker for the 2012 election. Show the democratic party, show the supporters of Obama that you understand clearly who the president is, what he is doing, but more so, that you fully reject the Marxist tenets that he is promoting.

Where does “Barry” come from? This was the president’s childhood nickname. When he entered college, he decided to completely reject this nickname. He even commanded his own mother and maternal grandparents to drop the nickname, which they did not. President Obama struggles heartily against core American ideals. His father became “Barry” to Americanize and to fit in. The last thing president Obama wants to do is fit in, but to claim black power and independence. This required him to revert back to his given name, a name that has origins from Arab dialects in East Africa.

How convenient that “bury” or “Barry” was a warning delivered by Khrushchev to free western societies all the way back  in 1956.